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UK Safety Alert issued for angle grinder chainsaw disc attachment

OPSS has issued a Safety Alert for a chainsaw disc attachment that has been incorrectly sold for use with angle grinders.

Underage Sales and Age Restricted Goods

A wide range of consumer products are age restricted to ensure that they are only sold to consumers who are old enough to purchase them on health and safety grounds.

Updated guidance for the hospitality sector

The Regulations affecting the hospitality sectorhave changed from those in force since thefirebreak was introduced on the 23rd October.

Urgent warning to employers and businesses around the high infection rates of Covid19 amongst staff

COVID-19 rates in South Wales are currently the highest in the UK. The risk of infected but asymptomatic people in the workplace is therefore high.

Use of External Speakers in Business Premises

Shared Regulatroy Services (SRS) has powers to regulate the use of external speakers in business premises shall cease at 9pm.
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