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What to burn in domestic fireplaces / wood stoves

Given the current energy crisis many householders are considering utilising log burners and traditional fireplaces to provide supplementary heating in their homes.

Any householders considering burning solid fuels (wood, coal etc) at home as a heating source should ensure they follow the guidanceWood burning stove and rules below to protect their own health, their neighbour’s health and the environment.

  1. New woodburning stoves must be installed in accordance with Building Regulations.
  2. Only burn dry (seasoned) wood - burning wet or unseasoned/green wood is inefficient as it takes a lot of heat to boil off the water before the appliance can give out heat into the room.  In turn, this creates a lot of smoke, tar and particulates which can damage your chimney and appliance and contributes to air pollution. Buy ‘Ready to Burn’ fuel – look for wood marked as ‘Ready to Burn’ sold by a Woodsure Certified Supplier. Wood displaying the Ready to Burn logo has a 20% moisture content or less and can be burnt straight away. See below for further information. These logs burn more efficiently than unseasoned/green wood and reduce environmental impact. More information on the Ready to Burn Scheme is available here - inappropriate fuel may cause issues such as dark smoke or cause a statutory nuisance which are offences under The Clean Air Act 1993 and The Environmental Protection Act 1995 and could lead to fines or prosecution.
  3. DO NOT burn treated waste wood (e.g. old furniture, pallets, decking or fence panels) or  household rubbish. Treated waste wood and household rubbish can emit harmful fumes and toxic pollutants such are arsenic into your home and the environment causing health issues for your family and neighbours. Burning waste wood may constitute an offence under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 which could lead to fines and prosecution.
  4. Consider using an approved smokeless fuel -
  5. Follow the guidance on the safe use and operation of stoves and fireplaces -